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It is important that each student creates a Parchment account. This is the account where you will order official transcripts to be sent to colleges/universities, employers, scholarship committees, summer programs, etc. Make sure to write down your log in information! Visit the website to create an account:
Parchment Account


Here is a YouTube video that will walk you through the steps to order your transcript.

Your transcript is a legal document. It is the student's responsibility to make sure it is correct. On your transcript, you will see the classes you take each semester, the credits you received each semester, your graduation requirements, and your grade point average. 

*It is highly recommended that you review your transcript after each semester to make sure it is accurate. 
*If you have any questions about your transcript, you can contact the registrar, Mariah Fernandez, who is responsible for updating transcripts. Her email is

APS Graduation Requirements

Students should have an online transcript review form in their google drive.

Academic Resources

Tutoring Opportunities
Tutoring Opportunities

graduation cap and book

Didn't pass a class?


t happened.  You failed a class, and now have to figure out the best way to recover the credit.  We have options for you to recover your credits. Meet with your AHS school counselor to make a plan. Here are some recovery options:

1. eCademy

2. APS Summer School

3. After School Recovery Classes

Option 1: 
eCademy, is an online recovery program where students independently work on their own to recover credits. The cost of recovering a course is $25.00 per semester.  

  • eCADEMY classes are not “at your own pace.” Students must work a minimum of one hour per day and are encouraged to work ahead, but students who fall behind may put themselves in danger of being dropped from the class or failing the class.
  • Students will complete their work remotely and complete their finals in person.
  • Attendance is very important at eCADEMY. A student who does not log in to their courses after TEN (10) consecutive days will be dropped from that class.
  • Students may register for a maximum of TWO (2) classes at a time. If students complete their classes before eCADEMY’s Registration deadline, the student may speak to their counselor to request additional courses.
  • Students may not concurrently register for both semesters of the same math or science class. (i.e. Students may not concurrently register for Semester 1 and 2 of Algebra 1.)
  • Students are strongly discouraged from concurrently registering for both semesters of all other classes, such as History or English.

Option 2: 
Summer School has both face to face recovery options and online recovery options.  Pre-registration for summer typically takes place in April. 

Option 3: Talk with your school counselor to learn about the courses available - they vary by semester.