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Battalion Staff

S-1 : C/ SSM Zhong Reu
Batallion Staff
S-2 : C/2LT Bridgit Becker
Batallion Staff
S-3: C/PFC Adan Veleta Hernandez
Batallion Staff
S-4 : C/ SSG Stephanie Adarga
Batallion Staff
XO : C/2LT Natalie Baltazar
Batallion Staff
Command Sergeant Major : C/SSM Aaron Acosta
Batallion Staff
Battalion commander c/cpt marie valle
Battalion commander c/cpt marie valle

11 Principles of Leadership

Looking for a chance to learn or display your leadership abilities?

The JROTC Battalion, like the military, is run by a staff. The Battalion Staff is comprised of eight leadership positions and are responsible for the day to day operations of the battalion.


To know yourself, you must understand who you are. Where do your interests lie? Do you have any special talent? What are your weaknesses? Do you have a least favorite subject? What are some of your faults? Answering these questions is part of self-evaluation.

  • Know Yourself and Seek Self Improvement
  • Be Technically Proficient
  • Seek and Take Responsibility for Your Actions
  • Make Sound and Timely Decisions
  • Set the Example
  • Know Your Personnel and Look Out for Their Well Being
  • Keep Your Followers Informed
  • Develop a Sense of Responsibility in Your Followers
  • Ensure the Task is Understood, Supervised, and Accomplished
  • Build a Team
  • Employ Your Team in Accordance with its Capabilities