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Parents of Cadets

JROTC Events

Parents, we understand you play a huge role in the success of your children each and every day. The positive atmosphere you create makes not only a great student, but also an outstanding cadet. Thank you for everything you do!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can parents be involved?

Yes, parents are invited and encouraged to participate in activities with their cadets!

You say you're not recruiting, but don't many JROTC graduates enter the military?

Many cadets find they enjoy military discipline and structure; it brings out their best and allows them to excel. Some win appointments to one of the military academies. Those who enlist can enter military service at a higher rank, allowing them to earn greater pay and responsibility.

The JROTC program is not set up to recruit and does not request or expect a military commitment of any kind. 

Can JROTC help students go to college?

We definitely can help. JROTC training improves the ability to study, to take tests, to set goals, and to focus.

Do cadets have to wear uniforms?

Yes, but usually only once a week, or when taking part in special ceremonies. The rest of the time, normal clothing is fine.

Are there any fees for uniforms, books, or special equipment?

The JROTC program supplies uniforms, books, and all equipment used in the course, free of charge.

Is JROTC as hard as it sounds?

The course is demanding, but most of the students who make an effort really enjoy the challenge and thrive on the hard work and discipline.

Who teaches JROTC?

Retired Army personnel with years of experience working with young people. Instructors are certified by the Army, but they are hired by and work for the school. Besides having state-of-the-art instruction techniques at their command, JROTC instructors serve as exceptional role models for maturing teenagers.

Are there any age requirements for JROTC?

There's no firm age requirement but students must be in 9th grade to take JROTC.

Where can I get more information about JROTC?

The school counselors or the JROTC instructors will be happy to meet with you and answer questions. You can also visit the JROTC web site.